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The New Fly Fisher - Giant Bull Trout of British Columbia

A great new episode by the always informative show The New Fly Fisher, which has fly fishing icon, Phil Rowley, visit the Squamish, BC area with Clint Goyette who operates Valley Fishing Guides Ltd. Together, they search for Bull Trout and other Trout species in the spectacular Squamish River . What's really neat about this video is the in look depth at using euro nymphing techniques with heavily weighted fly egg patterns imitating the natural eggs laid by the Pink Salmon.

This well known fishery is not only home to Bull Trout, (which we were chasing last summer in Eastern BC) but also Rainbow Trout, Cutthroats, Whitefish, Steelhead and various species of Salmon through the year. On odd numbered years the Pink Salmon return to these rivers to spawn, which presents a fun opportunity to catch them. The eggs left behind by the Pinks and other Salmon are great eating for Trout and Char.

Using what would be considered heavy rods for Euro Nymphing (4 and 5 weights) but light for what you might normally target big bulls with, they're able to get into small pockets and seams in order to feel those delicate strikes.

This show always provides you new information to absorb and adapt. This is one technique we will definitely be trying soon. We hope you enjoy, FISH ON!


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