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Broken Tippet Fly Co. has partnered with some of the most talented independent fly tyers in the industry to bring you; The BTFC Fly Tyer Signature Series. Each featured fly tyer has personally selected their own signature fly patterns for their fly boxes. These limited edition fly boxes are full of patterns that are not only effective on the water, but are beautifully tied as well. The flies are made with premium materials, which were curated and hand-tied to help bring you success on the stillwater or in the river.


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Learn More About Tim in the Blog

Flies in Tim's Box:
Elvis Variant Chironomid

Blue Dunn Soft Hackle

Dorthia Terrestrial

Houdini Weave Purple Prince Nymph

Caddis Pupa

Epoxy Scud

Borchers Drake Mayfly Nymph

Bloody Brown Leech

Wire Bodied Stonefly

Bucktail Spratley

Black Cherry Zonker

Mikulak Sedge


Each fly tyer has also answered a series of fly tying related questions from Mark Hopley, the host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast. Learn more about their fly tying history and life on the tying bench by visiting our blog posts.

Fly Tyer Signature Series -- Tim Jenson

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