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The Rainbow Warrior - Fly Tying Tutorial

Welcome back and thank you for joining us for another featured fly tyer submission! For this week’s video, we head south of the border to welcome Amanda Hoffner to the fly tying bench. Amanda will be twisting up her version of the Rainbow Warrior fly pattern – a killer nymph attractor. But first, let's learn a little bit about our featured fly tyer.

Amanda Hoffner is a critical care nurse currently working in a Catheterization lab in the Southeastern US. She was born and raised in the Northeastern US where she got her feet wet fishing blue lines in the Appalachian mountain range. In her teenage years, Amanda started fishing with worms and corn before graduating to spin fishing, mainly using Panther Martin and Swiss Spring spinners. Fast forward a few years, motivated by her Japanese heritage and the death of her brother, she read about fixed line fly fishing and started her Tenkara journey in the mountain streams of Pennsylvania. Amanda started fly tying around a year ago and since then has tied more flies than she can fish with. In her words, there is nothing quite as satisfying as catching a wild fish on a bug she’s tied – we couldn't agree more Amanda!

Amanda’s lifetime goal is to catch wild trout in every state of the United States. Join Amanda on her journey by following her Instagram page, @ladytenkarabum. In total, she has caught wild trout in 16 states! An impressive feat…. so far.

In this week’s video we focus on the Rainbow Warrior, a flashy attractor nymph pattern that does its job, attracting fish. Originally created by fly tying master Lance Egan, this fly has been around for years and should always have a place in your fly box when you hit your local river. This is a fantastic fly pattern to use as your point fly while Czech Nymphing. The material list is fairly simple and the pattern is quick & easy to tie, so make sure you spin up several dozen of these to have on your next outing. A big thank you to Amanda for sharing her fly pattern with us, FISH ON!

Material List:

Hook - Firehole 316 size 12

Bead - 3.33m Hareline rainbow hued plummeting Tungsten bead

Collar /Thorax - Vicuna Dubbing's rainbow mixed Alpaca dubbing

Thread - @hemingwaysusa_flyfishing 3/0 light yellow (under the tinsel for the body shape and undertone)

Body - UTC Mirage tinsel opal, large

Krystal Flash

Tail - Ozark Turkey tail


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