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Damselfly Nymph - Tying Video

In our latest tying video, we twist up a realistic and super buggy looking damselfly nymph fly pattern. Damsels are a classic pattern for stillwater fly fishing that every angler should keep in their fly box.

In true Broken Tippet fashion, we started the fly tying video with a delicious pint recommended by one of our supporters, Matthew Auger from redbeardflyfishing. The beer - Party Wave, Hazy Pale Ale from Slackwater Brewing out of Penticton, BC.

This is a great unweighted damselfly nymph to retrieve around weed beds in the shallow water during the spring and fall months. It's a lot of fun to tie and even more fun to fish with. We hope you enjoy the video, cheers & FISH ON!


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