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  • Fly Fishing Tips - Using a Bobber Stopper

    If you're remeasuring the depth every time your strike indicator slips down the line, check this out. Bobber stoppers aren't just for stopping bobbers, as the name suggests. On a fly rod, we can use them to mark the position of the indicator for a quick and easy reset after catching a fish. Bobber stoppers aren't for everyone and I get that. A lot of fly fisherman don't even like to use indicators, let alone small pieces of rubber on their setup. It depends on your preferred style of fly fishing. For me, I only use bobber stoppers on my indicator rig, more importantly, my Chironomid line. I position the bobber stopper above my indicator. Yes, you heard me - above the indicator. This bobber stopper isn't actually 'stopping' anything on my set up! I use them for other reasons. Well if you're not using it to "stop" this so called bobber (I prefer strike indicator), then what the hell are you using it for? Easy! As I mentioned above, I use them to mark depth. Which in this case means, I use them to aide in a speedy reset of my strike indicator after I catch a fish (or a log). Throughout the year, I do a lot of Chironomid indicator fishing and having the confidence and the tools to quickly reset an indicator at it's previous marked depth will keep your fly in the water longer. Life WITHOUT a Bobber Stopper: Before the days of using a bobber stopper I used a few different techniques to reset my indicator after hooking up with a few fish. (Don't tell my girlfriend I hook up with fish) The most common technique was using my arm's wing span as a measuring tool. Each time I caught a fish, I would remeasure my depth, set the indicator and cast. This became time consuming. There were times of marking the leader with a permanent marker and forgetting which line was supposed to be the correct depth. Inaccurate, to say the least. And if you really wanted to waste time, you could reattach your forceps to the fly and remeasure the depth all over again. Life WITH a Bobber Stopper: Lets paint a picture. We anchor down and crack a beer. We determine our depth and set our strike indicator at the required depth. We slide our bobber stopper down the line, so it's directly above the indicator. Cast. Watch for that indicator to drop. Boom! Set our hook. Reel in the fish. Take our Instagram photo and release the fish. We simply reset our strike indicator below the bobber stopper's position. Cast out again. Take another sip. Watch for that indica--- to drop. Do you see where this is going? It's QUICK! Stop wasting time remeasuring your depth after every fish. Use the bobber stopper as a marker, that's all. Not sold yet? The bobber stopper doesn't even get in the way of the rod's guides when you're fighting a fish. Cast, catch, reset and then repeat. Man, I should really sell these things for a living. For as long as we use the slip strike indicator on a fly rod, you can count on our friend the bobber stopper to be close by... or directly above, I mean. Check out the video below for more information on how to get the little bastards off that tree stand and onto your tippet section. We also demonstrate how to reposition the indicator underneath the bobber stopper after you hook up with a fish. FISH ON!

  • Milestone - Making Our First Donation!

    Today marks a big milestone for Broken Tippet Fly Co. When this company was started we wanted to ensure we were doing our part to give back to the fly fishing community. We decided to donate 5% of our profits to companies that conserve and support the waters we all love. After year number two, we are proud to make our first donation and finally give back to the community that welcomed us with open arms. For our first donation, we decided to stay inside our own backyard . The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC has been the backbone of our passion. Everything from their stocking reports, stocking programs, conservation efforts, youth programs, dock building and much more. We are lucky in BC to be dealing with such a great society that does so much for generations to come. We thank you for everything. Although this donation is small (you can compare it to the amount the average person would spend in a fly shop), it means the absolute world to us and we couldn't be happier! Thank you to everyone that helped make this milestone possible. FISH ON!

  • Stillwater Hatch Chart

    It's time to "match the hatch". Dialing it in, as they say. This is one of my favourite sayings in fly fishing. Where are all my trout enthusiasts at? The phrase comes a fly fisherman's attempt to imitate natural insects with an artificial fly in order to fool fish. Music to our ears, right guys? It's a phrase used often on the water by an observant fly fisherman. One who might have more flies in their fly box then they could possible use in two or three lifetimes. Sound familiar? Hatch charts are good reference points to have an idea of what bugs are popping off the water (or at least present in the water) at different times throughout the year. Do yourself a favour, print this out and keep a copy with your fly fishing gear. FISH ON!

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  • Fly Fishing | Broken Tippet Fly Co

    Fly Fishing Blog Read Now Apr 17 3 min Fly Fishing Tactics Fly Fishing Tips - Using a Bobber Stopper On a fly rod, we can use bobber stoppers to mark the position of our strike indicator for a quick and easy reset. Apr 16 1 min Conservation Milestone - Making Our First Donation! We are proud to donate 5% of proceeds to conservation organizations to support the waters we all love. Mar 8 1 min Fly Patterns Stillwater Hatch Chart Hatch chart for stillwater fly fishing. Find out what bugs are present or hatching at different times throughout the year. Feb 6 2 min Fly Patterns The Rainbow Warrior - Fly Tying Tutorial The Rainbow Warrior fly tying tutorial. Learn how to spin up one of these classic attractor fly patterns for your fly box. Jan 9 1 min Fly Patterns The Knouff Lake Special - Fly Tying Tutorial The Knouff Lake Special, a stillwater killer for the BC interior. This fly tying tutorial is tied by Zack Tyson. Check it out! Dec 28, 2022 9 min Fly Fishing Tactics 7 Tips to Fly Fishing a New Lake - With a Twist 7 helpful tips to bring you success when fly fishing at new lake -- Putting the puzzle pieces together to increase your catch rate. 1 2 3 4 5 Blog About Broken Tippet Fly Co. is not a statement, it's a commitment: ​ Find your backroad in pursuit of productive lakes and pristine rivers. Protect our resources and always keep learning. ABOUT US FULL STORY

  • Hats & Accessories | Broken Tippet Fly Co

    Hats & Accessories Shipping on accessories additional to clothing flat rate* Filter by Collection All Coupon Eligible Price C$4.00 C$250.00 Colour Dark Brown Light Brown Language English French Size 12oz Style Feather Logo Kebari Scales Edition Wet Fly Wood Type Curly Maple Handle with Maple and Padouk Hook Iroko and Walnut Handle and Hoop Lacewood handle with Sapele and Maple Hoop Maple and Sapele Handle and Hoop Sort by Hand Crafted Mayne Searun Net Price C$200.00 Excluding GST/HST Classic FISH ON Hat Price C$42.99 Excluding GST/HST Cutthroat Sticker Price C$5.00 Excluding GST/HST Broken Tippet Sticker Price C$4.00 Excluding GST/HST Broken Tippet Camping Mug Price C$19.99 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Car Visor Fly Patch Price C$75.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Fly Patch Price C$45.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Leader Wallet Price C$75.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Brook Trout Minimalist Wallet Price C$60.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Fly Tying Leather Mat Price C$100.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Timber & Fins - Salmon Fly Tying Leather Mat Price C$100.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Mayne Optimist Net Price C$250.00 Excluding GST/HST Hand Crafted Mayne Resident Net Price C$150.00 Excluding GST/HST

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