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Fly Tyer Signature Series: Timothy Jenson

Broken Tippet Fly Co. has partnered with some of the most talented independent fly tyers in the industry to bring you; The BTFC Fly Tyer Signature Series. Each featured fly tyer has personally selected their own signature fly patterns for their fly boxes. These limited edition fly boxes are full of patterns that are not only effective on the water, but are beautifully tied as well. The flies are made with premium materials, which were curated and hand-tied to help bring you success on the stillwater or in the river. Each fly tyer has also answered a series of fly tying related questions from Mark Hopley, the host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast, so you can learn more about their fly tying history and life on the tying bench.

Interview with Timothy Jenson: Powered by the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

Instagram: @tim.ties.flies

1. Tell us about your venture into fly tying, how did you first start?

My dad was a fly tyer and when his eyes and hands started giving him issues, he passed the torch on to me. I received all of his tools/vise and a custom fly tying chest that he built when my brother and I were kids. His woodworking skills are pretty high level.

2. What is your fly tying vise of choice?

The Renzetti Traveler-- It's the best bang for your buck. I use a CETech innovations base for mine.

3. What is your signature fly pattern?

A terrestrial attractor pattern that I came up with the first year I started tying. I've had success when beetles, caddis and flying ants are landing on the water as well as when caddis are emerging. "The Dorthia Terrestrial."

4) What fly pattern would you recommend to start with for beginners?

I'd say a leech, black marabou tail, black dubbing with a bit of red in it, gold bead. It's just one of those pattern that is going to get the job done in a lot of different situations.

5) What is your most sentimental fly pattern? One that you first remember sitting down to tie.

The Tom Thumb. Incredibly effective in a multitude of colors, learning to work with deer hair was both frustrating and rewarding. Everyone should have a few in their fly box.

6) What is your most underrated tool on your fly tying bench? One you can't live without.

Cuticle scissors, I've been using them since I started tying. You can get in tight to snip off thread close to the hook shank, eye, etc. You can pinch off the quill of your dry fly hackle without cutting the barbs if you're careful with how much pressure you apply, so its great for dry flies. They work well for cutting and pinching off materials like deer hair or bucktail. They are a tool I reach for very often.

7) How many times do you rotate on the whip finish?

It all depends on the fly pattern and how much material is encroaching on the hook eye, sometimes I'll throw a couple half hitches on something like an elk hair caddis, sometimes it's a double three turn whip finish.

8) UV, Crazy Glue, Sally Hanson's, what is your go to coating?

Solarez UV resin.

9) What is your least favourite pattern to tie?

I don't have a least favorite pattern, certain patterns I won't tie for other people due to time spent per fly vs how much money you can charge for them. However, when I tie for my own fly box, where I can relax and take my time, I enjoy tying all patterns.

10) What is your favourite material that you are always running out of?

Soft hackle material, like Brahma Hen for example. It's both easy and fun to work with, versatile on many patterns and looks good when finished properly.

Preview of Tim's premium flies included in his signature fly box:

See more of Timothy's patterns and connect with him at: @tim.ties.flies
Purchase his box here


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