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Fly Tyer Signature Series: C3 Custom Flies

We're back with the second round of the Fly Tyer Signature Series. Our next feature, husband and wife power-couple; C3 Custom Flies.

We've partnered with some of the most talented independent fly tyers in the industry to bring you; The BTFC Fly Tyer Signature Series. Each featured fly tyer has personally selected their own signature fly patterns for their fly boxes. Whether it's their favourite fly or one they just enjoy tying. These limited edition fly boxes are full of patterns that are not only effective on the water, but beautifully tied as well. The flies are made with premium materials, curated and hand-tied to help bring you success on the stillwater or in the river. Each fly tyer has also answered a series of fly tying related questions below from Mark Hopley, the host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast, so you can learn more about their fly tying history and life on the tying bench.

Signature Series tyers C3 Flies tells us about how they got started in fly tying, some tips for getting started, favorite materials and much more.

Interview with C3 Custom Flies – Powered by the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

Cory & Carlene - C3 Custom Flies

1) Tell us about your venture into fly tying. How did you first start?

About 25 years ago Cory got a fly tying kit as a gift. He tried a few patterns and learned a little bit but didn’t really understand or have access to quality supplies in our town. Then nearly 20 years later he decided to try again. This time, thanks to YouTube and Instagram, and of course more patience, he found a true passion and incredible talent for it. About 2 years later Carlene asked Cory to teach her. She was jealous of the art of it all and the instant gratification, she was instantly ‘hooked’ and here we are today!

2) What is your fly tying vise of choice?

We both use and really like the Griffin Odyssey Spider, however we'd like to upgrade at some point.

3) What is your signature fly pattern?

How do you choose just one? Okay, with a lot of thought we can get it down to 2. We love vampire leech with a jig hook and head turner bead. This thing can take a beating and still slay like the first cast after dozens of fish, it never disappoints, and as a bonus it’s fun to tie! We also love our Puff the Magic Dragon which is a dragon fly nymph. Catches fish and fishermen. We don’t go fishing unless we have at least a handful of each of these in the box.

4) What fly pattern would you recommend to start with for beginners?

We would recommend the vampire leech both for tyers and anglers.

5) What is your most sentimental fly pattern? One that you first remember sitting down to tie.

Cory’s is a Tom Thumb. This was his first fly all those years back :P

Carlene’s is a purple leech. It was her first real success and she caught quite a few fish with it on its first time on the line, which made it that much more exciting.

6) What is your most underrated tool on your fly tying bench?

Cory’s is corks. He uses then to removed the flies from the vise, let flies dry, and most importantly, take his favourite pics! Carlene’s is a bodkin. She uses it for so many things and just reaches for it for all little fixes.

7) How many times do you rotate on the whip finish?

Cory does 2 sets of 3. Carlene does 4 once.

8) UV, Crazy Glue, Sally Hanson's, what is your go to coating?

We would both say Loon Flow UV is our go to, but we do have more on our benches. We use Sally Hanson the least.

9) What is your least favourite pattern to tie?

We mostly tie what we love. Having said that…The Stimulator.

10) What is your favourite material that you are always running out of?

Hands down its Head Turner Beads.


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