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Pumpkin Head Bugger - Fly Tying Tutorial

We are approaching the elegant beauty of fall fly fishing; leaves changing colour, crisp evenings and of course, aggressive trout. It's time to start planning and re-arranging our fly boxes to welcome some of the best fly fishing the year has to offer.

In today's video we focus on one of our favourite fall fly patterns, it has a fitting name for those cold October nights, the Pumpkin Head Bugger. We head to Brandon Molzahn's YouTube channel, where he twists up this stillwater staple in extraordinary fashion.

Brandon Molzahn is an amazing fly tyer. Pro Staff with both Togens Fly Shop and Semperfli Fly Tying Materials. He's an avid fly fisher, bow hunter and banjo player, check out his Instagram page to view some of his stunning fly patterns and follow him on his many fly fishing adventures.

The Pumpkin Head Bugger is a Woolly Bugger variant designed by John Kent. In the tying video Brandon uses a Togens Fly Shop's nymph hook - size 14, 2X paired with Togens Fly Shop's 1/8" tangerine brass bead. Materials used include; green marabou plumes, Arizona simi-seal in peacock colour. The thread is a UTC 70 in olive. Finally, the fly is wrapped with a burnt orange grizzly hackle.

In the video Brandon explains in detail the step-by-step tying instructions as well as different fishing methods and techniques used for this fly. When you head out onto the water this fall, make sure you have a few of these flies in size 12 & 14.

We hope you enjoy the video, FISH ON!


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