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Fly Fishing Conservation Companies to Support

As fly fishers, we know the best part of our sport is having access to pristine nature. Without organizations to protect our resources, introduce people to fly fishing and grow our industry, there wouldn't be this sport that we love.

For some of these organizations, you can provide support in other ways in addition to donating your money. They could be looking for your time with events like stream clean ups, conservation efforts, or even gear and fly donations.

Some of the organizations we know about that offer a variety of ways to support conservation and the preservation of our sport include:

Trout Unlimited

No list of fly fishing conservation companies would be complete without Trout Unlimited. Since starting in 1959, it has grown to have over 400 chapters across with US and Canada. Members of this organization can participate in many of their conservation efforts. They focus on a wide variety of issues that impact our sport; from stream reclamation to training, education and advocacy. Broken Tippet's founders are members of this organization.


This organization works with indigenous communities from Wyoming to Guyana, teaching them how to become outfitters while protecting local resources. We love to support the economic development of communities around the world. They also have some really cool gear in their store to raise funds!

Visit Indifly

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters works with disabled active military service personnel and veterans to introduce them to fly fishing as a means to support their physical and mental rehabilitation. With locations across the United States and Canada, this organization emphasizes the value that fly fishing can provide to our personal well-being.

Keep Fish Wet

You may have seen us post about this organization before on our Instagram because what they stand for is so simple for all of us to do everyday and can make a big impact. Through science-based programs and education, this organization teaches the value of keeping fish in the water and the impact of water temperature on our catch and release through the year. Trout handling best practices is a subject that we recently wrote about on our blog.

The MayFly Project

Developing a meaningful connection with nature through fly fishing is one of the most important things that we can teach children. The MayFly Project introduces children in foster care to the beauty of fly fishing and how to protect their local waters. You can get involved by donating or by becoming a mentor to support their programs.

This is by no means a complete list, but just a sampling of some of the great work that is being done across the fly fishing industry. Make sure to check out local organizations and what they may be doing, to see how you can contribute.

Broken Tippet Fly Co. donates 5% of profits from our store to organizations such as these.