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The Knouff Lake Special - Fly Tying Tutorial

For this week's featured fly pattern we head to the interior of BC where Kelowna native Zack Tyson spins up a famous stillwater killer, the Knouff Lake Special.

Zack is a stillwater specialist and an adept fly tyer. You might know him better for his Instagram handle, Lunkslap_flyfishing, where he works his magic on the vice. He’s a member of Togen’s Pro Team and can always be found with a fly rod in his hands. Without pumping his tires too much, his fly patterns inspire many within the fly fishing world and of course, they are outright trout magnets. Make sure you send him a message to find out what patterns have been working on the water and to see what he's been twisting up on the fly tying bench.

The Knouff Lake Special is a wet fly designed to imitate an emerging Caddis Pupa. It was said back in the day to cast the fly out, lay your rod down, fill a pipe, half smoke it and then bang, fish on! Originally named the “Pazooka," it somehow lost its name in the early 1920’s and was established again many years later under the name we know and love.

Zack starts with a size #10 Togens nymph hook and black UTC 70 thread. The tail is made using Golden Pheasant tippets and the body is strung using green chenille. He uses natural ringneck Hen Pheasant for the hackle and burnt orange UTC 280 for the rib.

Follow along Zack’s fly tying tutorial below and make sure you have a half dozen tied in your fly box the next time you hit the H2O, FISH ON!


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