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The Carey Special - Fly Tying Tutorial

In today’s featured video we rewind the clock and kick it old school with a classic fly pattern that has been around since the early 1920’s. It’s hard to believe a fly pattern this old can still be considered a favourite in your stillwater fly box, but it’s been around this long for a damn good reason – it absolutely slays trout!

The Carey Special, a suggestive fly pattern that imitates numerous bugs, is most commonly fished as a dragonfly nymph. When this fly is presented around weed beds and shoal lines, the pulsating movement created by the Pheasant rump tail feathers makes it irresistible to a cruising trout.

We head to Sport Fishing On The Fly’s on the bench segment where Deb Paskall ties this classic fly pattern. Deb is well known within the fly fishing community as an amazing fly tyer and avid chaser of trout. She is on the Semperfli Pro Team and Pro Staff with Sport Fishing On The Fly. Check out her Instagram page and be sure to hit that follow button to keep up with all the fly patterns and fly fishing adventures that surround her.

In the tying video; Deb uses a Mustad size 6 streamer hook, 4XL. For the thread she uses Semperfli’s Classic Waxed in Dark Mocha Brown 8/0. The body is tied with Semperfli’s Dirty Bug Yarn in Caddis Brown. The tail and hackle are tied using Nature's Spirit Pheasant rump tail feathers. All of these materials can be found online at Togens Fly Shop, but make sure to support your local fly shop as well.

This simple yet effective fly pattern can be tied using many different materials, but the ageless design remains the same. Make sure you have a few of these flies ready the next time you hit the water. We hope you enjoy the video, FISH ON!


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