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Stillwater Days - Fly Fishing Colorado Stillwaters

This video brings all the feels of being out on a lake, watching the indicator drop and landing some impressive trout. Bobber down! This video is brought to you by the folks at Trouts Fly Fishing, a fly shop and outfitter located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. They have tons of great content on their YouTube channel including (but not limited to) fly tying tips, how-to/ education, product features and their video series; Five Flies. Their Instagram is loaded with amazing photography and their website is an information hub for all things fly fishing, be sure to check them out today.

In this video we watch Jack Wickman slay gorgeous coloured brown trout and some stunning cut-bows on chironomids and leech fly patterns all underneath an indicator. Jack ventures out to Antero Reservoir located southwest of Denver, Colorado, for a sunny day filled with tight lined action. Turn the volume up, sit back and appreciate the sight of the indicator disappearing during our newest featured video on "Video of the Week". Enjoy!


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