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Milestone - Making Our First Donation!

Today marks a big milestone for Broken Tippet Fly Co. When this company was started we wanted to ensure we were doing our part to give back to the fly fishing community. We decided to donate 5% of our profits to companies that conserve and support the waters we all love. After year number two, we are proud to make our first donation and finally give back to the community that welcomed us with open arms.

For our first donation, we decided to stay inside our own backyard . The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC has been the backbone of our passion. Everything from their stocking reports, stocking programs, conservation efforts, youth programs, dock building and much more. We are lucky in BC to be dealing with such a great society that does so much for generations to come. We thank you for everything.

Although this donation is small (you can compare it to the amount the average person would spend in a fly shop), it means the absolute world to us and we couldn't be happier!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this milestone possible. FISH ON!


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