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Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

We were fortunate enough to have one of our founders, Brandon King, included on the Fly Fishing 97 podcast, with host Mark Hopley. The Fly Fishing 97 podcast shares stories from passionate people within the fly fishing industry, guides, resort managers and talented fly tyers bringing usable information to fly fishers around the world.

Mark does a fantastic job creating casual conversation with passionate anglers. Not only does he talk about the time spent on the water, entomology and fly tying gear but he also gets to know each of his guests on a personal level. With almost 200 episodes and guests from each corner of the globe it’s a great podcast to throw on while you’re on the fly tying bench or driving down a dirt road on the way to your favourite fishing spot.

The Fly Fishing 97 podcast is sponsored by The Fly Crate, which is a monthly fly club selecting patterns for your home water. With each membership you’ll receive flies to match the hatch in your specific area along with the Fly Crates guide magazine and the benefit of having flies delivered right to your front door. Plus, 2% of all sales are donated to Project Healing Waters, aiding in the rehabilitation of USA veterans.

Listen below to what Brandon King has to say about co-founding Broken Tippet Fly Co. See how he got started in the fly fishing world and how he spends his time off the water. There is also a coupon code for a 15% discount to our online store imbedded inside the podcast somewhere, can you find it?

Tight lines & FISH ON!


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