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Dragonfly Nymphs for Trout Fishing

Welcome back to another installment of our Weekly Fly Fishing Videos, in this weeks video, we dive head first into better understanding Dragonfly nymphs. Stillwater expert, Phil Rowley, talks about the many different fly patterns used to successfully imitate the dragonfly nymph and how to properly retrieve them. He describes the movement of the naturals in the water, how they feed and what to expect when a trout latches on. We hope you enjoy this video brought to you by the folks at The New Fly Fisher and learn some key information about this important trout food source.

As an added bonus watch Phil Rowley tie up one of our favourite Dragonfly nymph patterns, the Gomphus. There are plenty of great tying videos on Phil's Youtube channel, check them out today. FISH ON!


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